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Nick Petrofski profile pictureIn was born in 1984,then raised and contine to live in Brisbane, Queensland Australia.

I'm going to condense my life into just a couple of paragraphs, because you ain't got time for my sob story.  However, if you
click here it will take you to a fairly complete auto-biography.

<-------- WARNING: SOB STORY AHEAD -------->

In 1995 it was discovered that I had a brain tumour.  This was removed successfullly through surgery, however in doing that severe brain damage occured resulting in severe head pain which continues to this day, an complete personality change -  including the onset of ADHD and PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder).

Then, starting in 2000 I begun working towards gaining my pilot's licences in order to fulfill my initial career choice as an airline pilot.  I was on my way and tracking well ahead of schedule before I had to go through a thorough aviation physical in which I failed miserably due to my physical and mental disabilities, along with the fact I was on strong opiods to help with my head pain.

With that career ruled out, and after graduationg high school in 2001, I went on to university and (in an around-about way)  completed over two thirds of my Bachelor of Nursing (RN) degree.  Unfortunately ill health intervened again to the point that I was unable to study and I had to ditch that plan also.

To this day I am still suffering from various illnesses preventing me from doing any job much longer than an hour.  This has lead to me being on a disability pension which I hate with a passion as 1) I'm a workaholic and 2) I hate spunging off the tax-payer.


As far as hobbies go, they include everything from aviation (of course); electronics (which I dearly love, and have a vast understanding of); photograpghy (which I've only had a dabbling interest in until I purchased my new camera a couple of months ago - I can actually use all the features without having to rely on "Auto" mode now; and finally - video editing (which provides me with new challenges every day that come from trying out new special effects).  For this I prefer to use Pinnacle Studio 22 Ultimate... if you care... which you probably don't!